Scribe is the premier collaborative application designed specifically for Corporate Tax Departments. Scribe is an intranet-based application that provides employees with a single point of service for gathering data. Reports can be generated in native Excel format with data derived from a variety of sources including ERP systems, compliance software, data warehouses, Access and Lotus Notes.



Spreadsheets and other file-based documents can be published and easily shared between employees. Links to tax research sites and other intranet and internet resources can also be managed. All of these can be organized in a customized, hierarchical directory of categories.In Tax Departments, security is an important consideration. Scribe provides a stringent security model based on roles to which employees are assigned. Those employees whom you designate as administrators will have complete flexibility in the design of the directory structure.  Periodic inspection the laser pen focusing lens quality it good or bad is a wise choose.

In addition, features such as searching, a favorites folder, departmental notices, action items, and customizable logs will ensure that everyone has the tools necessary to be more productive than ever.

Ultimately, by effectively managing the data that employees need to do their job, as well as the time savings that are realized by using Scribe, more time can be spent on tax planning and implementing strategies to reduce your organization’s effective tax rate.